Rockin’ the night away…..


Let me start by saying it’s been a while sense my last blog. Honestly, I’m lazy when it comes to writing. I’d much rather just be in my shop shaping wood into really cool stuff. Personally, I believe there is nothing better then for a person to find their passion and gifts in this life and to be able to truly embrace them. For me it’s all things wood. God, I love it. The smell, the feel, how it looks, and how easily for me personally it can be shaped into most anything. Over the course of the last few years I’ve taken on the challenges of making rocking chairs. When I started on my first chair I thought that building it would be somewhat complex but nothing I couldn’t work through as long as I took my time. Boy was I self-misinformed. LOL!! It turned out to be so much more difficult than I had ever imagined. The math alone I thought was going to kill my desire to Learn to build a dog gone chair. For me it didn’t look that hard when I’ve seen rocking chairs whether in person or in photos. Oh brother!!! 5% cuts 6% cuts 2% cut that in the end will give me a 40% curve in a head rest. Using PI (3.14) combined with the length of the rockers to make the correct bend in the wood to properly make rockers that function as they should. Carving the seat from 0 to 9/16 center depth for absolute comfort. Getting the correct measurements from the person the chair is for so that the seat width, height and depth are perfect for that person. Know a person’s body length from butt to shoulders so as to bend the back braces in the correct places as to give the best lumbar support. There’s so much into making that personal custom rocker for a particular individual. One the will last the the harshest test. That’s the test of time. Sense that very first chair I’ve gained much insight to what exactly it is to build an exquisite piece of furniture like a rocking chair. It’s made me a better woodworker. I’m so much more appreciative of my forebarers to the rocker. After all they came up with the idea of adding PI to the original style of common household chairs. As a little boy I remember my mom as I sat in her lap she would sit in this old crittitty rocking chair with me when I had a nightmare or I was sick. Rocking with my mom back then always gave me a sense of complete safety and warmth. Sure without the chair I’d still feel that same way with my mom but the chair just adds sweet frosting to that memory.

Let me add some frosting to your memories. Let me build you something beautiful to grow some wonderful memories in….. something like a rocking chair that you will pass down from generation to generation. With my chairs if anything malfunctions or something breaks in the first year do to craftsmanship I’ll repair it at no cost to you. No one offers this in this industry…. no one. Nothing leaves my shop unless I’m 100% sure it’s of the highest quality. That I put in writing.

“Customer retention may be best supported by operational integrity. After all, when you think about your personal relationships as well as your business relationships you tend to stick with folks That are really good at showing they sincerely care about you, and doing what they say they’re going to do. It boils down to trust” L. Hunsaker


Keeping it healthy

Ok so I’m on my lunch break at my day job and I’m reading the news off my tablet. Well I came across this article about cutting boards. Plastic vs wood. The article can be found in this month’s Consumer Reports. In it it states that in the 1980’s the federal government advised against using wooden cutting boards saying they were difficult to keep clean from bacteria. Well according to the article that thought has now changed in the respect that both are now considered equal. They are now saying what I’ve always felt to be true with two points: 1.) We need to use two cutting boards in our food preparation. One board is use with meat, fish and poultry. 2.) This other board is used for breads, fruits, vegetables and cheese. Think Cross contamination. Would you really want to cut a nice loaf of fresh French bread on a board right after cutting up chicken breasts. Even if you felt you cleaned the board sufficiently? Do you really want to take that chance especially with your family? Of course not. In my house I always use one board for meats and the other for everything else. I encourage you to read the article. With that said, I’m offering my hard wood cutting boards, buy one get a second one of equal or lesser value for half price. My boards are better and prettier then most anything out there. Yes I’m a bit boastful in this but I’m also proud of the wood creations I make. I stand behind all my work. All the time.

” Did you hear the joke about the germ? Nevermind I don’t want to spread it around” 🤣

Run run run…. Fast as you can can’t catch me……

This Saturday I have a booth set up here at the Barium Springs home for children. The event here is called, ” The Wilderness Warrior Dash. And as y’all can see in the photo……. They’re…….off!!!! This history on this place is very interesting. A compassionate organization for the benefit of hurting children and families. It’s been around for over a hundred years. Started by I believe a couple of women in the 1800’s to care for orphaned children in the mountains of Western North Carolina. It’s sad that all kids can’t have a loving nurturing home but thank God for places like this that are here for children that have no where else to go.

” Jesus said, ” Suffer the little children unto me and forbid them not for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these”

I think I’ll name this blog, “Table”

…….And in this corner, weighing in at a beefy 80 lbs at 34″ X 24″ X 30″ is the one….. The only…… Hard Maple/ Cherry kitchen island. ( In the background if you listen hard enough you may hear cheering and whistles…. Maybe even see some popcorn flying through the air.) “My cooking is fabulous Even the smoke alarm cheers me on”

So peaceful.


Today didn’t go as planned. I got outta bed around 7AM hoping to be in the woodshop by 8. Well that didn’t happen….. My typical day usually begins at 6AM when I get up get my coffee my one year bible and spend about 45 minutes conversing with my Creator. I’m a firm believer that if one desires a relationship with someone well there has to be consistent communication. So me and Him, well mostly me after reading His words, talk. Well that wasn’t the issue this morning. We spent our time together as always. Just throwing some background in there. Anyway, it was decided not by me that I was to go along for the ride into Lenoir to look at a car for the first born child, Makayla. Ok so much for woodworking today. The good news is we got the car a 2012 white Veloster. Pretty nice little car. She picks it up on Monday afternoon. So the day all be it didn’t go as planned yet worked out pretty well I think. Makayla got a much needed car. God and I had our morning talk and go figure I still had time to do a bit of work in the shop milling some sticks a wood. So tonight, after a full day it’s nice to wind down with a cold beer, my puppy Taco and warm fire. Life is good.

“Life needs more Beer & Bonfires and less drama”

FLY ??

Oh heck no!!!!! I’m sure that what the lady in the aisle seat next to me was thinking when we hit some wicked turbulence on our flight into Rhode Island this morning. I’d been sleeping next to the window when I heard a loud noise from under the plane and felt my belly slightly touch the ceiling ( not physically) Then I heard the lady next to me say, “well that didn’t sound good”. Even though it was a bit scary with the sudden and rough turbulence it was also rather comedic ( is that actually a word?) by her candor of what we just experienced. Flying back Wednesday evening let’s see if we can have encore experience….. or not. ” I put my phone in airplane mode but it’s not flying”.